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Farm Insurance

When looking to insure your farm operations or hobby farm, the coverages you need will be different from that of the coverage of a typical homeowner.

Today's farmowners policies are extremely flexible. These policies can be tailored to fit specific needs of each individual farm or hobby farm. A farmowners policy can be written as simple as covering a home with a few acres, an outbuilding (such as a barn, granary, or machine shed) and maybe a tractor and couple horses. Or a farmowners policy can be specifically tailored to address the exposures of a several acre farming operation with many head of livestock.

Common exposures that can be insured under these flexible farmowners policies include multiple locations, rental property, mobile homes, tools and machinery, horses, cattle and other livestock, hay, grain, feed and other supplies, ATVs, snowmobiles, watercraft, guns, fine arts, and jewelry.

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