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Life Insurance

Do you need Life Insurance?

It depends on your situation. Several key questions follow below to help give you an idea of signals pointing to "yes".

  • Are you married?
  • Own a business?
  • Dependent children?
  • Other dependent relatives? (seniors, disabled)
  • You possess a formidable estate?
  • Currently have major financial obligations?
    (mortgage, multiple loans)

A good life insurance policy would handle the financial responsibilities you left behind so family members wouldn't be burdened. Unlike the funds from an estate, the benefits from a life insurance policy will shoot straight to the beneficiaries, without any roadblocks.

Your death benefit will help your dependents maintain their standards of living, repay debt, and fund education tuition costs. In addition to providing death benefits to your heirs, you can design your life insurance policy to help preserve your wealth, create retirement income, provide future support for organizations that are important to you, and more.

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